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  • FIVE recorded video tutorials (each lasting 1-2 hours) explaining HUNDREDS of exciting, creative ways to fully engage ALL your students in lessons from start to finish
  • A unique collaborative resource area including ready-to-go, teacher-created starters, reviews, cooperative activities, lesson games and activities. Each of these activities has been proven successful in real-life
  • SEVEN crucial factors you need to include in lessons to make them more engaging plus full details and proven examples to help you add these to any lesson straight away
  • Clever ways to get your students working independently (and requesting support in appropriate ways). With these ideas in place you’ll be able to give support when it is needed rather than when it is demanded
  • 5 ways to make sure you give students the right level of CHALLENGE. If work is too easy they will get bored; too difficult, they will get frustrated. Both situations lead to unsettled, disengaged students and time-consuming, stress-inducing inappropriate behaviour for you to deal with. Get the level of challenge RIGHT and your students will automatically be motivated from within
  • 37 ways to put VARIETY and ACTIVITY in lessons. If you’re going to engage your students you need to make sure you give them activities which appeal to their particular learning styles and preferences. These ideas enable you to instantly make virtually any lesson topic more appealing to ALL your students
  • How to use FREE WEB tools, social media and technology to stimulate student interest and encourage participation. The tools we outline in this tutorial are all FREE and your students will LOVE working with them – either individually or as part of a team for fantastic, highly-motivating collaborative projects
  • How to use SPECIFIC QUESTIONING TECHNIQUES to give reluctant learners confidence to take part and help them develop thinking skills
  • 11 Fun ‘student involvers’ which appeal to reluctant students and encourage them to take part in discussions and Q and A session
  • 18 special CLASSROOM GAMES which can be used to make ANY lesson immediately more active and more fun. These games are a guaranteed hit with students of all ages across the whole curriculum.
  • Plus much, much, MUCH more

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“Dear Rob, Thanks a lot for your webinar about student engagement. Thanks to your ideas I was able to make my naughty group CURIOUS today! It was great, they loved it!. And I also enjoyed your webinar. It was very informative and interesting! Great work!”
Ludmila Myrgorod, Ukraine