“I found Rob Plevin’s workshop just in time to save me from giving up. It should be compulsory – everybody in teaching should attend a Needs-Focused workshop and meet the man with such a big heart who will make you see the important part you can play in the lives of your most difficult pupils.”

Heather Beames – Course Attendee

Rob Plevin is an ex-deputy head teacher and relentless optimist with the practical experience to help teachers in today’s toughest classrooms.

No stranger to behaviour management issues, Rob was ‘asked to leave’ school as a teenager. Despite his rocky route through the education system he managed to follow his dream of becoming a teacher after spending several years working as an outdoor instructor, corporate trainer and youth worker for young people in crisis. Since then he has worked with challenging young people in residential settings, care units and tough schools and was most recently employed as Deputy Head at a PRU for children and teenagers with behaviour problems. He was identified as a key player in the team which turned the unit round from ‘Special Measures’.

He now runs the website www.behaviourneeds.com, is the author of several books and presents training courses internationally for teachers, lecturers and care workers. His live courses are frequently described as ‘unforgettable’ and he was rated as an ‘outstanding’ teacher by the UK’s Office for Standards in Education.

What a wonderfully insightful, non patronising, entertainingly informative day. I have never enjoyed a course, nor learnt as much as I did with Rob. I was so impressed that I am recommending our school invite Rob along to present to all the staff so that we can all benefit from his knowledge, experience and humour.

Richard Lawson-Ellis – Course Attendee

We were delighted to be able to get Rob Plevin in to work with our Teach First participants. He has an excellent reputation within the sector and he certainly didn’t disappoint! From the start his dynamic approach captivated the group and they were enthralled throughout. Rob covered crucial issues relating to behaviour management thoroughly and worked wonders in addressing the participants’ concerns about teaching in some of the most challenging schools in the country.We will be inviting Rob back on every possible occasion to work with all of our participants and trainees. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Terry Hudson, Regional Director ‘Teach First’, Sheffield Hallam University

Rob’s courses and resources feature the Needs-Focused Approach – a very effective system for preventing and dealing with behaviour problems in which positive staff/student relationships are given highest priority.

“The Needs Focused behaviour management workshops in support of teacher training in Northern Ireland have been very well received and the ideas, strategies and routines shared with our teachers have led to improved classroom practice. This has been validated by both inspections at the University and observations of classroom management for teachers. We thank you for all your hard work and thoughtful teaching.”

Celia O’Hagan, School of Education, University of Ulster


Although, child-centred, this is not a liberal program where challenging behaviour is ignored or mismanaged with the excuse that challenging students have been disadvantaged and damaged. Firm boundaries and consequences are seen as essential management tools but they are applied within a framework of fairness, support and respect. With the Needs Focused Approach the emphasis is on prevention rather than reacting blindly to problems as they arise but there is no reliance on tangible rewards and bribes to instil control. Rather, the focus is on internal motivation – students are encouraged and taught to think for themselves, make appropriate choices and discover the intrinsic benefits to be found in responsible, considerate behaviour.

“You are making such a significant positive impact on the lives of so many children by changing the attitudes of teachers on the ground floor. How do I know? It’s been happening before my very eyes”

Nina Plapp – Course Attendee

Rob Plevin on Teacher’s TV talking about Positive Teacher/Student Relationships

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