James WoodWorth

FE Lecturer

Cambrige, UK

I recently completed the Needs-Focused Classroom Management Distance Learning Course. I found the course extremely useful. It offers plenty of advice, guidance and support that is practical and straight-forward with strategies that are ready for immediate use. The course is well written and structured with plenty of good ideas that are fun to use. I enjoyed using the VLE that supports the course as this gave me access to the thoughts and ideas of my colleagues and the opportunity to dialogue with them. The Distance Learning Course offers an excellent opportunity to explore the approach formally and in depth. I fully recommend it.I Have been using a number of the strategies in my own teaching and found them to be hugely beneficial. The importance of building a positive relationship cannot be stressed enough . Kindness, patience and gentle words of praise and encouragement that come from the heart really do make a difference. As one student said to me ‘You really care. It makes a difference.’ Another student in the same group said ‘You’re helped me a lot.’ I am very keen to introduce the Needs-Focused Approach in the college where I work as I feel it is so effective and will let you know how I get on.


Julia Greef

Hi, I’m Julia and I teach English as a foreign language in Japan. I’ve recently discovered Rob Plevin’s Distance Classroom Management Course.Alhough I’m only part way through the course, I have found it to be filled with perceptive insights as well as practical advice and tips on how to manage behaviour in the classroom. I particularly like the emphasis it puts on creating a classroom environment that prevents behaviour problems before they are given the chance to arise. I have found the focus on meeting students’ needs for belonging, empowerment and fun especially pertinent, and have already been able to put some of the suggestions into practice, successfully diffusing a potentially difficult situation by offering the student various choices as a means of managing their behaviour. I firmly believe that this course will help me not only to manage the classroom better, but also to look inside myself and reexamine my teaching, and that I will be a better teacher as a result of it. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in cultivating their potential as a teacher, improving the atmosphere in their classroom, or developing their classroom management skills.


Rhoni Whiting

English Teacher

Prior to being hired as a permanent teacher I worked as an “associate teacher,” which, in my district is a nice name for “substitute.” One day, while surfing the web I discovered the Behavior Needs website. What a goldmine! Typically students don’t view substitutes as “real teacher” and they are often quite vocal about letting you know just what they think of you. I had a secret weapon though. Using the strategies and tips I found on the website, I began to learn how to handle misbehavior in the classroom. In fact, my success in being able to handle myself as a sub eventually lead to a job offer. I’ve continued to use the help you guys provided, especially the “Quick Strategies,” and “Needs-Focused Interventions.” I appreciate the fact that even though I work “across the pond” I feel that you guys are close enough to respond quickly should I ever need major help. Just to show you how much I appreciate you guys being there, I recently had a friend return home to England and I told her, “I know someone there.”


Salmah Yunus I have used your plenary activity and Bingo-like activity in my lesson. Both received good response from the students and also positive response from my Head of Department when I used them during my observation.


Marie Coppolaro

I love the products I Have purchased from Behaviour Needs. I have created my own hand book which I use frequently, with my favourite starters, energisers, fillers and reviews taken from your resources. Often I work as a relief teacher I find them invaluable in adding fun and variety to the class. The starters are a great way to begin a lesson. They help to settle, prepare, focus and engage students whilst the roll is being taken. For example, I’ll use a ‘word find’ activity using one or two words that the lesson is going to be about and students make as many words as they can from the key words. The other activity that I use frequently is Bingo as this is a fun way to review concepts or practise spelling or number activities. Classes can be greatly enhanced by ebedding a change of routine as well as being a great behaviour management tool, and activities that allow students to engage with each other or challenge each other in a game, rather than sitting silently completing their work, are more motivating and better for learning. Some of my favourites are peer teaching and Jeopardy as well as the other quiz type shows you have suggested. I also keep a collection of favourites video files on a usb, for attention grabbing or end of lesson reward (such as piano stairs) which are always a winner . I would definitely recommend your resources, they are wonderful!


Francis Makunde

Teacher of ICT

I would like to register my gratitude for your fantastic and helpful products. In a nutshell I found most of your tips quite feasible and practicable in my classes. I am Francis Makunde from West Yorkshire where I am a secondary school Teacher of ICT.I have used Team Maker, Job Hunters Bible For Teachers and Motivate Your Disinterested Students as well as a host of some of your free products.Team Maker worked wonders for me when it comes to pupils’ group work. Prior to using this product I spent too much time working out the best possible combinations based on ability and behaviour attributes. Team Maker helped me to easily and quickly create groups with a good balance of abilities and still allows me to tweak the groups if need be.With the ideas in Job Hunters Bible For Teachers, securing interviews has never been that easy for me. I have had overwhelming responses and interview invitations; too many that I had a tough time selecting and narrowing down the list; and politely turning down the majority of them.I can go on and on, and I am sure I am not the only one who has become a better classroom practitioner because of the various products from Behaviour Needs LTD.


Joyce Burkes

1st Grade Class

Academy of Dallas Charter School

The Behaviour Needs resources has been very helpful in managing my class of 1st graders. I found a number of educational resources to be extremely useful such as coping strategies, Why Kids misbehave, How to Prevent and Deal with Behavior Problems in the Class. From me, “Your Grade is a A+!” Thanks for sharing with me!


Rebekah Lang

7th Grade English Teacher

My name is Rebekah Lang and I have just completed my second year as a 7th Grade English teacher in the city of Philadelphia, PA (USA). The service I appreciate the most from your website was actually the reason I found your site in the first place: Classroom Management. My first year teaching, in November 2009, I was desperate to find some way to manage my students behavior and actually get to teach English. My students would get out of their seats, throw pencils and ignore classwork. Your Classroom Management Mini-course, sent in stages through email, was not only an encouragement but also a help in taking control of my classroom. You gave me the most important advice of building relationships with my students as well as many other small tips like having students repeat my instructions back to me to guarantee clarity and understanding. Now, after my second year of teaching and applying what I have learned, my classroom looks much different. Students raise their hands. Students listen to instructions and ask questions to clarify. Most importantly, students know that I care and my relationship building established a foundation for academic, emotional and social growth. My students made significant progress on our state’s standardized tests as well. I look forward to more mini-courses and webinars that will continue to help me to develop into an expert teacher. Thank you.


Viktoria Voronina I’m a teacher of English language in Ukraine. It is a challenge to work in a public school I must say. Behaviour of my students leaves much to be desired that’s why I need ideas how to deal with children and teenagers.
I constantly receive emails with fresh recommendations from Behaviour Needs. I have tried a lot of them and they work well in class. ‘Attention Grabbing Starters and Energisers’ in ‘Needs Focused Lessons’ is an excellent resource for me, we particularly enjoyed with my students writing ‘Crazy Lists’, ‘What’s in the Bag?’ and ‘Anagrams’.
My 10-11 year olds just adore doing activity ‘Jumbled Quotes and Phrases’ at the beginning of every lesson. They remind me of that if I forget, they find new quotations and proverbs and bring to class with personal illustrations (pictures which they have drawn by themselves) first we learn them and then I use them in the beginning of the lesson ( I type the cards with jumbled phrases on stripes of coloured paper and spread them around the class for children to unscramble). The pupils became more motivated and participated actively during the lesson after such a bright beginning and even more, they also did some extra work at home just because they wanted to contribute into their favourite activity which they liked because it easily let them achieve success and gain selfconfidence.


Cheryl E. LeFon

Learning Support Specialist

As a Learning Support Specialist, I am a Teacher Advisor, assisting teachers in their need to enhance their classroom. Rob’s materials have been a great help in many area’s to reinforce strategies that I have suggested. Behavior issues continue to be the top need of concern in the classroom Rob has graciously given many resources away for free, which help as the funding of schools is minimal. The materials have been right on target, students have benefitted as well as teachers. It is very rewarding to see a teacher apply strategies from Rob’s materials, then get excited as they see the “magic” work. Thank you Rob for making my job easier and validating the experience.



Thomas Stavington

Salford City College

Invaluable course, Highly recommended.


Ben WhiteSalford City College Very informative, lots of useful anecdotes which effectively reinforced strategies.Loved the interactive games


Helen Mather A great session that really made me feel involved. Fab hints and ideas really made you think about the effect words have on people. All teachers should do this!


Carmel Clifton No time for sleepy moments or switching off. Fast-paced with variety in the right quantity. From the heart, practical guidance. Excellent.Loved the ‘Spread the lurrrve’ activity – we all got something out of it.


Kevin Callaghan Interesting, stimulating and enjoyable with lots of useful strategies.


Natasha Toubkin Brilliant session – a really good way of thinking about behaviour problems by putting yourself in the students’ minds. This really helped me to think through issues and why they are happening. I believe this will help me solve more problems in future.Loved the ‘love-in’!


Abdul Khan Superb course, great presenter. Some real, practical advice and useful tools.


Christine Parry This was a fun, informative course. The activities were well designed and effective. It was well presented with good humour used appropriately.I loved the ‘Spread the lurrve’ activity.


Jillene Haaja “I experienced your words in my head about support with a student who was “giving me a hard time” (so to speak). I just kept pushing through, thinking – show support, show respect, show you care, etc. etc. – when deep down I just wanted to say “get out to the principal’s office” etc. (which I rarely do anyway – but you know what I mean) .It all finally worked after 45 mins of conversation in my group (this was not my classroom work). He didn’t want to be there (but by request of parents, his own teacher) it finally worked and he ended the group session on a positive note.”


Steve Edwards

“As a PGCE student it is great to have the opportunity to pick up user-friendly and easily accessible information. The ‘Behaviour Needs’ course provides exactly that. In a series of amusing, creative, fast-paced sections, Rob Plevin, builds up a staggering amount of practical and thought provoking material on classroom behaviour management. All of which are easily translated back in the classroom. Even if you have never had “the class from hell”, there is something here for you and the follow up information from the website is laden with golden nuggets which will give you loads more ideas and interventions.”


Anne-Kirsten MacLachlan My apologies for appearing to pester you in the last few days, but I am really interested in what you have to say. I put into practice your tip “by the time I have taken the roll sheet out of the folder, (you had : written the title on the board, but I adapted!) I expect you to be sitting down with your copies open ready to work”. Well, amazement on my part, they did it, and they were quiet!! So thank you.I have tried to click on the “book course now” button for a course in February 08, in Dublin, but it keeps sending me back to the home page. I wanted some information on where it was held, and how much it costs.Thank you


Caroline Marsden

Thanks to your great ebook, I feel I have put some life back into my lessons. Thanks again


John Cook
Assistant teacher

Thanks for this, really useful site and I have read all the free downloads (sorry haven’t spent anything yet but may be when I am a full teacher I will!!). I really like the idea of the mind manager file (although am not sure what it is)


Paul Spence

Your advice is a breath of fresh air, especially on a Monday morning!


Simon Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the course I attended in Wolverhampton yesterday. There was much food for thought during the day and I felt I took away some useful ideas tfor myself and to work with my colleagues. Thank you.During the course of the day you said we could request copies of the slides you used for the day. Please would you send a set to this address.Secondly, you said you would try and remember the name of the Australian woman who came to your PRU and made such an impact. If her name has come to you, please forward that as well.Lastly, you mentioned bingo template software. I would be grateful for the link.I was glad to be able to hear you. I had come across some of your work on the web and was grateful for the opportunity to hear you at greater length. Your approach seemed to tie-in with what we are trying to achieve in our school, weuse the expression “discipline with dignity” – but I think it has the same roots -Glasser, Dreikurs et al.


David McConway

I’ve just had a look through your ebook and think it’s brilliant and can’t wait to get some of the techniques going! The technique of a record card is one I used last year, but I’d really like to see the version you came up with. It says in the ebook that your version is in the appendices but I can’t seem to find it. Is your version available anywhere?Thanks,


Erin Rhone

I have been receiving your online course on behaviour management and the application of your tips has been wonderful! I am already a good disciplinarian and receive excellent scores from my principal, but your tips have added even more. The first time I explained to my students that I would count backwards from ten when I was ready for them to come back from their group work, it worked like magic. I never saw 15 years move so fast to come back to order. No repeating myself, no prodding. It seems like you know the practical answers to classroom needs and I am looking forward to this new set of lessons each week. Your fee for five months seems quite reasonable if your tips are as good as what I have already gotten for free.Thank you for your work,


Cathy Watkins

What an unbelievably wonderful website you have. The tips and suggestions are brilliant and the sense of motivation that I get every time I receive one of your emails is fantastic. I wish I had had your website during the 20 years that I taught in South Africa. Although my Year One’s were so receptive to gentle discipline and loving motivation, I believe I would have been an even better teacher for having taken your tips. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to provide this wonderful service. It is greatly appreciated. May you all go from strength to strength.Have an excellent day!


Jillene Haaja

Just to add, Ive been teaching 9 years, I am a counsellor also and teach a classroom as well as take kids in small groups for social emotional training. Although some of your material is familiar. Its the application of it too!Just recently your tip of showing kids with “baggage” you support them is sooooo true. I experienced your words in my head about support with a student who was “giving me a hard time” (so to speak). I just kept pushing through, thinking – show support, show respect, show you care, etc. etc. – when deep down I just wanted to say “get out to the principals office” etc. (which I rarely do anyway – but you know what I mean) . It all finally worked after 45 mins of conversation in my group (this was not my classroom work). He didn’t want to be there (but by request of parents, his own teacher) it finally worked and he ended the group session on a positive note. But it was your words of let them know you support them. This also worked for me in my class, with a group of 10/11 year old girls who were whining about “boring” so somewhere in your “classroom management book” I was reading about “support” again as well as giving “set choices” our relationship strengthened. I was deep down wanting to get cross with them, but I pushed through and it paid off. I know its the relationship stuff that works, but when a teacher gets busy, its often a short cut, quick fix at the time to be “drastic” but long term it doesn’t work.Thanks , sorry about the long email – but I was pretty excited about how this is going.



Hazel Loughran

Really love all the information on the course. I am reading and reading then I read some more. All ready to start the 20 day relationship building with a very challenging 10 year old .Bet you know him, face of an angel, quick to lose temper,(oopppps there goes the desk and he is heading for the door) defiant, demands attention, can’t do it, won’t do it attitude , hits other children never adults though,(indicates he is in control) refuses to comply with basic rules of the classroom, believes he was born to be trouble. I know he loves football though he hardly ever gets out to play as always being kept in for some reason. So that’s what has got to change ah? I obviously can not change a teachers decision to keep him in but what I can do is make the game of football with his class mates a reward for staying on task or even in his seat for starters. I will personally go out at break with him and referee the match now that should be fun cus I will need his help to tell me how to do the job. Just cus I got a whistle does not make me a good ref…..Spose if make that when he refuses to do his handwriting practice and I am around he could write the rules of the game in his book for me to photocopy, I won’t let on I will check things are not one sided…….Or of course that he has just completed his handwriting practice he was so sure he was not going to to…. I am unsure about what to do any work completed am I suppose to e.mail you ..so you know when a certificate is issued the information you have given has been used and activities completed. Please accept my apologies if this is answered already in the information received.Kind Regards



You just caught me adding the info I gained on the course to my various courses.I found it a rewarding experience for a number of reasons

  1. It reassured me that I was in fact teaching appropriate theory and that my philosophy was one with which experts agreed.
  2. It gave me all kinds of ideas that I can use to create interesting and relevant lessons for my classroom assistants and foundation degree students.
  3. It was entertaining as well as thought provoking – a rare combination in these days of death by powerpoint.


Richard Lawson-Ellis

What a wonderfully insightful, non patronising, entertainingly informative day. I have never enjoyed a course, nor learnt as much as I did with Rob. I was so impressed that I am recommending our school invite Rob along to present to all the staff so that we can all benefit from his knowledge, experience and humour.Thank you very much


M.A.Sheikh Thank you for sending me the electronic e book on behaviour management.It has been very useful.I have implemented many of your ideas in my teaching and sure enough they work wonders!The idea of using humour was a great help.This really did break the ice between teacher and pupil relationship.in addition to this the ideaof record cards has been superb. I shall write more to let you know of my progress in the future.


Michael WalkerTrainee Maths TeacherDearne High I recently attended your 1-day workshop on behaviour management in Sheffield for Teach First participants and would like to thank you for an amazing session (the best I attended at the institute – including the workshops offered at the national institute in Canterbury) and I have suggested to the organisers that you run a session at the national institute next year.I particularly enjoyed:– The practical hints and tips, which were cleverly delivered to the unsuspecting audience! This really helped me understand and see how the strategies work in practice (I was a cap-wearing sssshhhher by the way!) e.g. bingo where everyone is a winner, ideas for group activities, tips for defusing situations, advice for use of consequences etc.– The discussions around cooperative learning and the pointer towards kagan.com.– The overall enthusiasm and professionalism with which the workshop was delivered.My only criticism was that the workshop was too short (1-day)! I would have happily spent 2-3 days learning in more depth how to deliver behaviour management strategies effectively.I would also like to take you up on your kind offer of resources and support. I will be working at the Dearne High and am starting to pull together some strategies for dealing with disengaged/demotivated children, hence I would really appreciate the material to support my planning!!All the best for the future development of the business and I look forward to attending more of your workshops in the future.

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