Here’s How to Run Your Own Super-Enjoyable, Hyper-Effective Behaviour Management Workshops and Seminars – The Work Has Been Done For You
Now You Can Use Our Ready-Made, Cutting Edge Classroom Management Materials To Present Your Own Training Courses – For Profit Or As part Of Your School’s CPD Program

From the desk of Rob Plevin
Director, Behaviour Needs Ltd

Dear Consultant, Trainer … or ‘Experienced Education Professional Who Wants To Enter The Training Market’,

How would you like a ready-to-go, innovative classroom management training pack including course materials, resources, activities… and proven marketing tips to help you promote your courses and fill the room?

For the last 5 years we have been marketing and running our very popular flagship course – Needs-Focused Classroom Management™ – and we are now looking for facilitators who will use our ready-made materials to run their own in-demand courses, workshops and seminars. Whether you have years of experience in training or are just starting, this course from Behaviour Needs Ltd will give you the materials and support you need to deliver an outstanding and hugely enjoyable classroom management training session which will not only get results, but will also help bring you the kind of delegate feedback other trainers dream about.

The course materials have been tweaked and improved over the last few years to the point that trainers can take them and run a highly practical, unique and hugely enjoyable course, workshop or seminar which attendees will talk about for years to come. And with the addition of our bonus ‘Train the Trainer’ webinars (included) we’ll show you exactly how to adapt the materials to suit your own personal experience and a wide variety of training situations. From keynote speeches and short twilight sessions to half day & full day courses, you’ll be able to offer them all.

“I have been using a number of the strategies in my own teaching and found them to be hugely beneficial. The importance of building a positive relationship cannot be stressed enough . Kindness, patience and gentle words of praise and encouragement that come from the heart really do make a difference. As one student said to me ‘You really care. It makes a difference.’ I am very keen to introduce the Needs-Focused Approach in the college where I work as I feel it is so effective.”
James Woodworth

Who is this training pack suitable for?
The course materials have been used in primary schools (K-6), secondary schools, high schools, colleges, behaviour units, youth centres, residential settings and universities. The strategies are universal and can be easily adapted for use by any educational professional including…

  • Established trainers and consultants who want an extra ready-to-go course to add to their repertoire
  • Senior teachers and CPD Coordinators who wish to run unforgettable INSET in their own school and/or neighbouring schools
  • Local Education Authority trainers/consultants who are looking for additional strategies to offer teachers in partner schools
  • Aspiring trainers or any education professional who wants to enter the training/consultancy market
What you get:
The course you will be able to deliver is the Needs-Focused Classroom Management™ course – the same course I have been presenting in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions all over the world for 5 years.The course is highly practical (each module includes physical, interactive activities to teach and reinforce the material) and is full of actionable, useful content while maintaining an element of fun and humour. Each traning pack includes:

Course Materials & Resources:
  • Power Point Course Slides
  • Comprehensive ‘say-this-now’ Trainer Handbook – comprehensive instructions to run a phenomenal course. The handbook explains exactly how to teach each module and provides a range of timed activities and discussions to reinforce each key point. (Hard copy spiral bound manual plus PDF files on CD for easy printing)
  • Engaging Delegate Course Book – consolidation exercises and notes (Hard copy spiral bound manual plus PDF file on CD for easy printing)
  • Additional attendee handouts – extra exercises and information sheets (Hard copies plus PDF files on CD for you to print out)
  • Course activities, games and teach-back reinforcers – the fun/active element of the course (included throughout the trainer handbook)

NOTE: This course contains PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED classroom management techniques and strategies which are only ever revealed to our course attendees. You will not find these priceless tips ANYWHERE else on our site or in any of our other resources!

Bonus 1: Administration Tools
  • Evaluation form Template – pre-written prompts to encourage detailed feedback
  • ‘Perfect Workshop’ checklist – handy checklist to automate the planning of your training session
  • Venue Checklist – a simple sheet to make sure your venue has everything you need
  • Registration Form Template – use as a basis for badges, cerftificates etc. and to keep track of your attendees
  • Marketing timetable – all the marketing tasks you’ll be using in one handy schedule – this is a ‘must-have’
Bonus 2: Promotion & marketing tools
  • Promotional email – The exact email we have used to successfully promote this course
  • Seminar Secrets – ‘How To Make Your Seminar Or Workshop Phenomenally Enjoyable’ Report
  • Fax broadcast advert template – Not many companies use fax broadcasting but it is suprisingly effective. We inlcude our broadcast template and bulk fax company contacts you can use.
  • Sample sales letter – The sales letters we have used in paper and web-based form to promote courses
  • Sample Flyers – Two styles of flyer we have used to advertise the course which you can easily edit and adapt with your own trainer bio and photo
  • Agenda – You can adapt this to different training situations depending on the modules you intend teaching
  • ‘4 Ways To Get Block-Bookings For Your Workshops’ Report – ‘Little-known’ ways to get block bookings for your courses.
  • ‘Tips To Encourage Prospects To Register For Your Workshop Or Seminar’ – Getting potential clients to sign up for your courses is the biggest challenge facing trainers. We’ll show you 10 ways to boost sign-ups in this short but powerful report
  • ‘Thinking Outside The Box’ novel seminar marketing strategies – ‘Different’ marketing strategies to get your promotions noticed.
  • ‘How to Sell-Out Your Course or Workshop’
  • ‘How To Sell Products At Your Event For Additional Revenue’ – This source of additional profit is overlooked by most trainers. We’ll show you the best ways to present products and ‘sell from the stage’ so that your attendees are delighted with the products you offer. (We’ll also set uyou up as a 75% comission as a ‘VIP affiliate’ giving you a suite of in-demand, ready-made products to sell).
Bonus 3: ‘Outrageously Enjoyable INSET Activities’

The Needs-Focused Classroom Management course is taught in an active learning format and our activities are always very, very popular. You can be sure you’ll be able to give your participants an UNFORGETTABLE experience with our fun, emotive activities including:

  • Fun energisers to get your delegates on their feet whenever you need some positive energy in the room
  • Live examples of classroom activities which your delegates will be desperate to try with their students
  • Interactive discussions and active learning structures to get delegates sharing good practice with specific reference to classroom/behaviour management
  • Magic tricks and games to illustrate key points
  • Analogies, stories and metaphors to make information ‘stick’

“This is undoubtedly the best course I have ever been on. I LOVE the fun games and activities you shared and can’t wait to use them in my classroom.”
Singapore Course Attendee


“I led the Needs Focused Classroom Management courses & workshops internationally for five years. During that time I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t … so you don’t have to! You get all of my collective training experience – a genuine template to work from, complete with a syllabus which you can adapt to all kinds of situations.”

Bonus 4: 3 x ‘Train the Trainer’ webinars on DVD

Your pack includes three 2-hour training webinars on DVD to explain the course syllabus in full for our first group of training pack customers. During these calls I will go through the course explaining all the activities and answering any questions. Although this training isn’t essential it will certainly be useful for anyone who wants to learn the stories, analogies and metaphors I’ve used to embellish the course and will give you opportunity to create your own, personalised version of the course. Value $250


Bonus 5: The Behaviour Toolkit

Our Behaviour Toolkit is a huge collection of answers to behaviour problems faced by teachers in today’s toughest classrooms. Each problem includes a set of proven responses to deal with the problem in the moment as well as general tips applicable to most incidents and situations. All in all, this is the perfect toolkit for any behaviour management trainer. Value $47


What can you do with the materials?

The Classroom Management Trainer’s pack will provide you with everything you need to run your own classroom management courses in a variety of settings:

  • Advertise and run public courses for profit – Hire a hotel room or school classroom and then invite teachers from neighbouring schools to attend the course
  • Run courses for your own school or college – Use the materials as a complement to your current training materials or as a stand-alone course
  • Run courses for local education authorities or council – This can be very lucrative! Our ‘Tips For Selling Bulk Courses’ explains a step by step strategy for approaching budget holders
  • Run twilight INSET sessions – Split the material into 6 parts and teach two modules at a time, 1 evening per week over a half term (very popular format)

“Rob has delivered his Needs Focused Behaviour Management course on our Secondary PGCE at the University of Hull for three years now and each year my trainees have no only found him to be inspirational, but they have learnt much about managing the learning environment and young people effectively. Rob’s course is based on the value of building relationships, but trainees can emulate Rob since he models to the highest degree how to behave as a teacher. The course is fun, well constructed and as the title suggests, very focused on positive strategies.”
Dr Anne Bore, University of Hull
What price can you charge attendees?

You can charge whatever price you like for the workshop and you keep 100% of the fees – there are no royalties and no ongoing costs. Our usual fee for public courses is £195 ($350) per person for public courses and £1495 ($2500) for on-site training. Some training companies charge more, some charge less. You will have to check prices within your locality and price accordingly but even if you half these fees, just 1 workshop with a handful of attendees will easily pay for your investment.

What is the investment?

Please understand that licences for ready-made Trainer Packs like this (Proven, ready-made interactive course together with marketing materials, ‘Train the Trainer’ webinar sessions and additional back-end product suite) can cost anywhere between $2000-$5000.

The price of the Needs Focused Classroom Management™ Trainer Pack is just$1500

What do I do next?

If you have read this far and have decided this opportunity is for you all you have to do is hit the ‘order Now’ button below. I firmly expect these to be snapped up very quickly so please don’t delay.

After purchase you will be taken to a special page where you can download your License Agreement. You will need to print this out, sign it and then send us a copy. As soon as we receive your signed License Agreement we will send your complete Trainer Pack by post. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from receipt of your signed license agreement (up to 21 days if ordering from outside the UK).

And you can order with complete confidence because your order is fully guaranteed…

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that when you get your Needs-Focused Classroom Management™ Trainer Pack, you’re going to open the box and be thrilled. I also know that if you follow the steps and use the resources, you will lead some very successful workshops. However, if, within 30 days of purchase you are not totally delighted for any reason… I’ll refund your entire fee in full. All you have to do is return the pack in a saleable condition and I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.
Get Your Needs-Focused Classroom Management Trainer Pack For Just
$1500.00 (Plus Post & Packing)

If you have a problem ordering via our secure server, you can visit our support desk: here or phone us on: 0845 271 2818 (UK)

Here’s to an exciting new beginning as a Classroom Management Trainer!

Rob Plevin
Director, Behaviour Needs Ltd
Greyfell, Beacon Edge, Penrith

How many attendees can I teach?

The activities within the pack enable you to adapt the training for as few as 2 attendees or as many as 102. We have presented this material to up to 200 delegates at any one time although the optimum number we suggest is 20-40.

Is There Any Extra Earning Potential?

One of the best ways to add value to your customers while boosting earnings from workshops is to offer additional training materials after or during the event. As a Training Pack owner you automatically become a VIP affiliate and earn 75% comission on sales of our Confident Classroom Management & Lesson-Ology membership programmes as well as our other products. Both products complement the training course perfectly and provide you with a range of add-on products to offer at your courses. We’ll show you exactly how to sell these add-ons in the ’10 Ways To Sell Products At Your Event For Additional Revenue’ Report (included with your Training Pack)

Is the market saturated?

The market for live training will always be available to trainers who price themselves competitively, use innovative marketing strategies and offer tremendous courses that are much-needed. Classroom Management is a hot topic in every school, the product is first-rate (just look at our feedback) and if you use the marketing tips we provide you’ll find bookings coming in regularly. While your licence entitles you to market and run courses anywhere in the world (i.e. you are not limited to your own locality), in order to prevent saturation we will only sell TWO Trainer Pack licences to any single state or county. Locations are awarded on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis and we will refund your payment if your area has already been taken. Due to the fact that most trainers are prepared to run courses outside their own locality and even abroad, we don’t feel saturation will be a problem.

Earnings Disclaimer
Any and all claims or representations as to income earnings on this website are not to be considered average. There can be no assurance that any prior successes or past results as to earnings can be used as an indication of your future success or results. Income results depend on many factors and we have no way of knowing how well you will do. All products and services offered by our company, Behaviour Needs Ltd, are for educational & information purposes only. Use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals. We are not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions relating to information presented on this website or any other sites owned by Behaviour Needs Ltd.