“In Five Minutes You’ll Know Exactly What To Say and Exactly What To Do in Response To ANY Classroom Behaviour Problem!

Even of you get no support from other staff… aren’t comfortable with tough student groups… and currently get little respect from the students you teach!

Dear Colleague,

Imagine having all the answers you need to deal with the many problems your students present on a daily basis. Just think how much easier toolkit1imagecmebookyour job would be if you knew exactly how to deal with…

Low-Level Disruption – Students Who Argue/Answer Back – Interruptions and Constant Chatter – Chatty, Noisy Groups – Latecomers and Poor Punctuality – Abusive Language – Girls’ Behaviour – Angry Students – Defiant Students – Silly Behaviour – Disruptive behaviour – Unsupportive Parents – Not Completing Homework – Not Completing (Or Even Starting!) Classwork – Fighting – Bad Manners – No Motivation – No Focus – Not Following Instructions – Extreme Behaviour – Tough Groups – Uncontrollable Individuals – Low Self Esteem –

The Behaviour Tool Kit™ is jammed FULL of strategies – no jargon, no fluff, no waffle… just proven, actionable strategies you can use straight away:

For the last seven years that I have been running Behaviour Needs Ltd I have been answering tough questions from teachers on how to deal with a large variety classroom behaviour problems – sometimes in person at live courses and conferences, sometimes via email and sometimes by telephone to 1:1 coaching & consulting clients. As you can imagine, in that time, I have amassed a rather large collection of answers in the form of workable, PROVEN, ready-to-use strategies and ideas. I have now put those strategies (together with extra strategies from my colleagues and training associates) into a single reference resource – The Behaviour Tool Kit™.

The Behaviour Tool Kit™ is not like other behaviour management resroucess – there’s no long introduction, no educational waffle or jargon… it just gets straight into the good stuff – proven, actionable strategies you can turn to whenever you face a classroom behaviour problem of any kind. You’ll find the answers to your most frustrating and pressing classroom management problems right here in this handy guide – and you can put them to use straight away with fantastic results!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Main Manual: The main manual contains more than 500 solutions and strategies (many of which I’m sure will have you smiling and nodding to yourself as you read them because you’ll instinctively know that these are going to WORK!)
  • Additional Response Cards: Our response cards are PURE GOLD. They explain clearly what is going on when a student misbehaves, how to avoid using the kind of interaction which makes the situation worse (I wish more teachers knew this!!) and EXACTLY what you can do to solve the problem. You get a full set of response cards included with your Tool Kit.
  • Bonus Resources: If you order the hard copy you get a resource CD, if you opt for the digital version you get access to a private member area where the resources are available for immediate download.
  • Unlimited Updates: The Behaviour Tool Kit is a work in progress. As we come across more solutions we will add them to the resource and updates will be made available online for all Tool Kit owneers. See this is your one-stop resurce for Classroom Management ANSWERS

And here’s what the Behaviour Tool Kit™ will do for you…
In this comprehensive teacher resource you’ll learn…

  • 15 ways to deal with students who are BORED or who have NO INTEREST IN THE LESSON – and get them taking part right from the bell
  • 8 ways to deal with students who DON’T BRING EQUIPMENT to class – You can stamp this problem out in MINUTES
  • 9 ways to deal with students who GIVE UP and WON’T COMPLETE work in class – use these methods and you’ll notice your students’ ATTITUDES changing for the better in record time
  • The 3 things you must remember when dealing with UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS – If you don’t use these it’s unlikely you’ll see any improvements
  • 12 tips and tricks to get students to COMPLETE HOMEWORK – these might surprise you but they are VERY effective
  • 6 strategies SUPPLY/SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS can use to build rapport with new groups of students in record time – If a supply/substitute teacher is going to get RESPECT from students they MUST do this
  • A novel (and proven) way to get UNSUPPORTIVE PARENTS ON YOUR SIDE – this makes classroom management MUCH easier
  • 3 ways to deal with RUDE STUDENTS – and how to stop them ANSWERING BACK
  • The 6 best ways to deal with LOW LEVEL DISRUPTION – and ensure your LESSON RUNS SMOOTHLY
  • 6 highly effective ways to stop CONSTANT CHATTER – without losing your temper, without giving punishments and without resorting to bribes – you’ll LOVE these!
  • A setep-by-step system for dealing with students who are CONTINUALLY LATE – and 3 ways to make them WANT TO BE ON TIME
  • 5 great ways to deal with STUDENTS WHO SWEAR or are VERBALLY ABUSIVE
  • 7 novel ways to get students to FOLLOW YOUR INSTRUCTIONS – You’ll see an immediate improvement in the way students respond to use when you use these – they’re PRICELESS
  • A script/approach you can use to deal with SILLY, ATTENTION-SEEKING BEHAVIOUR – It works every time
  • 6 ways to deal with the highly disruptive CLASS CLOWN – and get him/her quickly settled to work instead of disrupting your lesson
  • An approach you can use to GET ANGRY/DEFIANT STUDENTS ON YOUR SIDE and producing THEIR BEST WORK FOR YOU!
  • 12 ways to get through to REALLY TOUGH STUDENTS – and be the teacher they RESPECT and LOOK UP TO!
  • 5 things you MUST DO when you’re faced with an EXTREMELY TOUGH GROUP – ignore at your peril!
  • 10 essential tools for dealing with THREATS OF VIOLENCE AND SERIOUS INCIDENTS – these come from the trenches and THEY WORK!
  • 22 alternative ways to deal with MOBILE PHONES in lessons

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

As always, this product comes complete with a 100% refund option if you aren’t delighted. Just send us an email and we will return your payment – you can even keep the digital file (Hard Copies must be returned to us in a saleable condition) as a thank you for trusting us. Surprisingly, very few people ever ask us for a refund! :-)

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“The moment I read, “If they’re not focused and clear about what they must do in a given situation they have an ‘excuse’ to do something else.” I found myself saying, “Yes, that’s the key!”

When I think back to the times all my good intentions evaporated into lost minutes of teaching time, I’m convinced they were mainly brought on by lack of clarity about what their next task was. Thank you for so succinctly pointing out a problem that was right in front of my nose!”

Bob Zaslow
“I can see where i’ve been going wrong! Something so simple could get rid of that horrible ‘knot’ feeling I get when I feel I’ve spent the entire day repeating instructions the children haven’t followed. I’m a supply teacher, and using instructions in the way you have suggested will give them less room to ‘play-up’
Thank you!!”
Lynn Chesney
“Thank you so much for all of your WONDERFUL suggestions! I will try the pen trick. The mystery student thing is working quite well for my classes! I am a 45-year-old 1st-year teacher (8th grade science), career-changer (lateral entry, MBA in Healthcare Mgmt, 17 years in that field, where I spent most of my career training adults), and I can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to your new ideas. After I recommended your site to my principal, he sent it out to the entire staff – so I am sure it is spreading around our entire (huge) school district by now. You rock! :)
“Thanks Rob. Despite being a seasoned secondary teacher, sometimes the mix of a class can be quite disturbing and its good to have a fresh reflection on why something is not working. I’ve picked up on a subtle message I may be giving one of my classes from one of the points in this blog. Here’s to you.”
“Thank you so much Rob for what you are doing for the profession. I am a retired teacher but I still read your articles and watch your videos because I am the president of a knitting club ( yes!!) and they are the noisiest group I have ever heard and your startegies work wonders! I have never tried the ‘pen’ but will do next time I address them!
Seriously speaking,I give the link to your productions to many young teachers I know because They are so unhappy some times and They need help which they find with what you do! So , thanks again and carry on with your good job!”

Very best wishes,


Rob Plevin

P.S. If you’re working in today’s tough classrooms it’s likely that you are becoming increasingly tired and frustrated because of the student behaviour problems you’re being asked to deal with on a daily basis. But when you have proven behaviour management strategies up your sleeve for any and all classroom behaviour problems you can walk into any classroom with cool, calm confidence…