Teachers… Take Control of Your Noisy Class… in 7 days or less

How a worn-out, frustrated teacher accidentally found the secret to winning the respect of any challenging student and any noisy, difficult group…

…and how you can do the same… in 7 days or less… Guaranteed!

  • Do you struggle to get students to listen in your lessons?
  • Do you find students dragging their heels to your lessons only to battle with you from bell to bell?
  • Are you fed up of students who talk over you and ignore your instructions?
  • Is constant chatter getting you down?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions I have something which you might find very useful…

From: Rob Plevin

Re: Take Control Of The Noisy Class

Dear Fellow Teacher,

Would you like to be able to take control in your classroom and be able to get the most disengaged students listening attentively when you ask them to? Would you like to get respect from students and be able to settle difficult groups swiftly?

This isn’t a pipe dream. I believe any teacher can do this if they employ certain key strategies both in and out of lessons. Teachers I have taught this system to have reported dramatic transformations in the way challenging students respond to them and I’m 100% confident I can help you achieve similar results… in just 7 days from now.

How do I know I can teach you these things? Because I’ve been exactly where you are now and know how it feels to be walked on in the classroom.

Teaching Is Hard

Like you, I left teacher training fresh, keen and eager to teach. I was totally convinced I would make a difference in the hearts and minds of the young people I was about to educate and in the schools I would work. I was proud to be part of this most noble and rewarding profession.

However, those dizzy dreams were cruelly followed by despair, frustration and stress… as I began to experience the reality of students who simply didn’t want to be taught. I was working in a referral unit for students who had been thrown out of mainstream school and it was hard. Very hard.

When I arrived there I was shocked to see students running wild through the corridors, slamming doors, ripping books, screaming and shouting abuse, running into the car park and throwing stones at the building. And all of this was happening during lesson time. The staff had no control whatsoever; the head teacher was in despair and I had just signed a permanent contract.

Nothing Worked

I used to go home in the evenings in a rage – so angry that these students could get away with the things they did, furious that there seemed to be no way of dealing with them. They didn’t respond to staff who were nice to them and they laughed at staff when they shouted at them and tried to punish them. Nothing worked.

I didn’t sleep, I became bad tempered at home and all my conversations with friends centred around the horrors I was facing at work on a daily basis. I became a bore and for several months I was broken – resigned to the fact that I didn’t have what it takes to work in tough schools with tough kids. My dream was over.

A few key strategies made all the difference

Fast forward a few years and my life became very, very different. I became the teacher I had always wanted to be. My students loved me and they loved my lessons. My reputation as a skilled classroom manager was spreading and I was enjoying tremendous success with some of the most damaged, vulnerable and challenging students in today’s schools. I loved my job. How did this change come about?

The school I had been working in all those years before had been placed in ‘Special Measures’ before I took the post and when this happens money is literally thrown at the school for training and development in order to raise standards. This meant I enjoyed several years of the most thorough and in-depth professional training any teacher could hope for in the field of behaviour management.

It was a tough few years but I consider myself so fortunate for that experience. I believe I learned more in five years than I would have done in thirty-five years had I stayed in mainstream education.

Since those early years I have worked in many educational settings and finished full time teaching three years ago as the deputy head of a small special school for students with severe behaviour problems. I now run a business training teachers and lecturers all over the world in key strategies to manage classroom behaviour.

And that brings me to the reason for this letter…. I want to show you how to learn these strategies.


I have recently put together a brand new training program called Take Control of the Noisy Class and I believe this is the most practical and useful program available to help teachers manage behaviour effectively during lessons and around school.

This is what you are going to learn…

  • How to prepare for the challenging class – the things you MUST do to prevent problems from occurring in your lesson and how your ‘resource box’ can help you maintain a constant lesson flow. Without this you will find yourself having to stop to deal with disruption after disruption.
  • Taking control at the door – What to do outside the classroom to ensure your students are in a state to actually LISTEN to instructions when they go in the room. Without doing this your chances of getting a challenging class to settle are slim.
  • Getting them in the classroom– sensibly and quietly – How to filter out potential problems at the door. This one tip could totally change your lessons.
  • The perfect lesson start – Two different ways to get their attention and get them listening at the start of lessons.
  • How to maintain lesson flow and keep them on task – Once you’ve got their attention you need to keep it – just one disruption can turn the lesson to chaos with a difficult group. This is how to avoid it happening.
  • How to re-establish control
  • How to manage transitions with minimal disruption – transitions are mine fields if you don’t know how to manage them smoothly. Here’s a little tip that will give you total control during ANY transition.
  • How to get the support you need from senior staff – Get this wrong and you will come across weak and your reputation in the school will suffer. This is the right way to enlist support so that your status is actually enhanced.
  • Dealing with problems – Fast-acting, effective strategies for constant talking, lost/forgotten equipment, late arrivals, refusal to work, interruptions, rude comments, low level disruption, using mobile phones and more.
  • Ending the lesson on a high – (And why this is more important than you probably realise). This one tip is the secret behind having students eager to come to your lessons. Unbelievably this is 100% possible with any group if you take the right steps.
  • Long term prevention – A clear, logical system to prevent a large proportion of behaviour problems from happening in your lessons. When you put this in place your reputation will soar.
  • The ‘Fresh Start Program’ – A step by step strategy for you to ‘start over’ with that particularly difficult group who won’t do anything you say.


Total respect from challenging students

The strategies I teach are extremely effective. These are the same strategies which enabled me to get total respect from extremely damaged young people who were deemed ‘un-teachable’. These same strategies enabled me to be able to walk into any classroom in school and immediately have students settled and listening and these same strategies enabled me to actually enjoy my time in the classroom without having to spend my time in a state of constant stress.

I should also tell you that other professionals see the benefit in the methods I teach. Ofsted (The UK’s Office for Standards in Education) classed my teaching as ‘exemplary’ when they last inspected a school I was working in and an Education Authority Advisor referred to me as an ‘extremely gifted and talented teacher’.

But those comments mean little now, I stopped teaching full time years ago. The real proof of the effectiveness of these strategies comes from the many universities and schools which employ me to run training courses and the thousands of teachers who buy my resources…


“If you want to watch someone in complete control of his topic area and audience then get him in. He makes a real difference.”

“We were delighted to be able to get Rob Plevin in to work with our Teach First participants. He has an excellent reputation within the sector and he certainly didn’t disappoint! From the start his dynamic approach captivated the group and they were enthralled throughout. It wasn’t only the lively engaging style that won over the participants though. Rob was dealing with crucial issues relating to behaviour management that were high on their list of concerns about entering teaching in some of the most challenging schools in the country He covered these issues thoroughly without pulling any punches and still worked wonders in increasing the participants’ confidence. We will be inviting Rob back on every possible occasion to work with all of our participants and trainees. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want to watch someone in complete control of his topic area and audience then get him in. He makes a real difference.”

Terry Hudson, Regional Director ‘Teach First’

Sheffield Hallam University


“It can’t just be because the students are nicer!”

“I have been using the tips from the course and it has made my summer school a much more overall enjoyable experience for the first time in 8 years. It can’t just be because the students are nicer! Thank you.”

Bob Lejkowski



“We thank you for all your hard work and thoughtful teaching.”

The Needs Focused behaviour management workshops in support of teacher training in Northern Ireland have been very well received and the ideas, strategies and routines shared with our teachers have led to improved classroom practice. This has been validated by both inspections at the University and observations of classroom management for teachers. We thank you for all your hard work and thoughtful teaching.

Celia O’Hagan, School of Education, University of Ulster



“This workshop is something not to be missed!”

“This workshop is something not to be missed. Rob delivers the informed workshop with great panache, the entertainment is splendid and the essential messages will not be forgotten.”

Dr Chris Botton

University of Hull



“I found Rob Plevin’s workshop just in time to save me from giving up”

“I found Rob Plevin’s workshop just in time to save me from giving up. It should be compulsory – everybody in teaching should attend a Needs-Focused workshop and meet the man with such a big heart who will make you see the important part you can play in the lives of your most difficult pupils.”

Heather Beames

London course attendee



“you’ve quite possibly saved my career!”

Thank you for such an inspiring and motivating day – you’ve quite possibly saved my career!


London course attendee



“This should be a whole school strategy!”

The strategies were fantastic and have made me better at my job. This should be a whole school strategy! Thank you.

Maria Smith

Paddington Academy



“our group thought it was the best information session we have ever been at”

I was at your seminar today and want to tell you that all of us in our group thought it was the best information session we have ever been at and we have a lot of years between us! Thank you so much

Marie Allen

(the mouthy blond on your right hand side)



“The website is laden with golden nuggets which will give you loads more ideas and interventions.”

As a PGCE student it is great to have the opportunity to pick up user-friendly and easily accessible information. The ‘Behaviour Needs’ course provides exactly that. In a series of amusing, creative, fast-paced sections, Rob Plevin, builds up a staggering amount of practical and thought provoking material on classroom behaviour management. All of which are easily translated back in the classroom. Even if you have never had “the class from hell”, there is something here for you and the follow up information from the website is laden with golden nuggets which will give you loads more ideas and interventions.

Steve Edwards

PGCE Business Studies


OK, ok, I get the point… the strategies are good! How do I get them and how much are they?

I have arranged all my strategies onto a complete, step-by-step, easy-to-follow system any teacher can use to improve their skills dramatically and succeed with noisy, disobedient, challenging groups of students.

There are video presentations to take you through the key points and then back up resources to give you all the additional information you will need to gain mastery in classroom management in a surprisingly short space of time. You can order the full package below and have instant access to the digital resources or, if you prefer, you can buy the hard copy version and we will send you a DVD and manual straight to your home. Now, the price…

How much is it worth to you?

We both know you could learn this stuff on the job for free. But it took me FIVE years – and I was on an intense program of learning . It could take even longer for you to reach that same level of control where the job becomes far less stressful and much more enjoyable. Do you want to wait that long or do you want all the benefits and the essential strategies right now, immediately?

How much would it be worth to go into school NOT dreading the difficult class, to have kids WANTING to be in your lessons, not going home in a bad mood, not waking up dreading your job.

Teaching can be the most joyous, rewarding profession – if you can handle the difficult kids so lets have a look at the content you will get if you decide to try the resource pack:

This is what you’ll get…

  • Video presentation slides
    (I charge $2000+ to deliver this same training live in schools
  • Extra notes and resources for the key system components
  • Slide handouts of the entire presentation
  • Fast Action Summary Guide
  • Activities pack
  • Optional dedicated forum access

Plus… I’m going to throw in the following free bonuses…

  • Magic Classroom Management E-Book
  • Teaching & Reaching Non-Cooperative Kids – MP3, MP4 & Transcription
  • Six Keys to Preventing Behaviour Problems in Your Classroom – MP3, MP4 & Transcription
  • Lesson Activity pack E-book
  • Relationship Builders E-book

That’s a total value of more than $180 (even more if I include the value of the bonuses) but you can have it for MUCH less.

For a limited time, you can get access to all the resources and bonuses for just….

$97.00 $37.00

**Extra bonus**

Special Report: 55 Ways To Get Silence From A Noisy Group

If you order Take Control Of The Noisy Class today and are among the first 1000 customers this special report, filled with our usual novel strategies will be added to your member area. (We sold nearly 5000 copies the first time this went on sale) Order now to secure your copy.


Yes Rob, I’m In!

I want to be able to succeed with my most challenging groups of students!

I understand I will have IMMEDIATE access to ALL the Take Control of the Noisy Class materials in the member area including…

  • Take Control Of The Noisy Class Manual
  • Power Point presentation videos
  • Additional PDF tools & resources

AND the following bonuses worth $155…

  • Magic Classroom Management E-Book (Value $37)
  • Teaching & Reaching Non-Cooperative Kids – MP3, MP4 & Transcription (Value $37)
  • Six Keys to Preventing Behaviour Problems in Your Classroom – MP3, MP4 & Transcription (Value $37)
  • Lesson Activity pack E-book (Value $17)
  • Relationship Builders E-book (Value $27)

Buy the digital version for $37

Order With Confidence On 100% Secure Servers – You Will Have IMMEDIATE Access To The Digital Resources In The Member Area


Important: You will be able to download your purchase immediately after purchase


“Because of the service I received in buying from Behaviour Needs I have no hesitation of buying something from them in the future.”

I bought the Job Hunters Bible from Behaviour Needs Ltd. Unfortunately if wasn’t suitable due to the fact that I did not find the information suitable to obtaining a job in my area so I requested a refund. I am pleased to say my money was refunded in full quickly and without question. Because of the service I received in buying from Behaviour Needs I have no hesitation of buying something from them in the future.

Melissa B.

New Jersey



Comes With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Remember, you’re fully covered by our no-questions-asked guarantee…

If you follow my ‘Take Control of the Noisy Class System’ for just 7 days and don’t notice huge improvements in your ability to settle students, get them engaged and have them following your instructions… I will give you your money back.

Try the whole thing out at my risk. Get it now and spend some time evaluating it – watch the video slides, read the resources and the special bonus reports If it doesn’t deliver what I’ve promised just visit the helpdesk for a full refund and I’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!


Best Wishes,



Rob Plevin

Behaviour Needs

P.S. The strategies in Take Control Of The Noisy Class have enabled me to work successfully with some of the most damaged, vulnerable and challenging students in the UK. They made my teaching life much easier and much more enjoyable and they can help you do the same.