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Take Control Of The Noisy Class

noisyclassTake Control of the Noisy Class presents a COMPLETE, step-by-step, easy-to-follow system for managing extremely tough groups of students. From getting them settled quietly at the door to having ALL students willingly participating and working you’ll find the strategies WORK like magic.


  • How to prepare for the challenging class – the FIVE things you MUST do to prevent problems from occurring in your lesson.
  • Taking control at the door – What to do outside the classroom to ensure your students are in a state to actually LISTEN to instructions when they go in the room.
  • The perfect lesson start – Three very different styles of starting lessons without disruption.
  • How to maintain lesson flow and keep them on task – Once you’ve got their attention you need to keep it – just one disruption can turn the lesson to chaos with a difficult group. This is how to avoid it happening.
  • How to manage transitions with minimal disruption – transitions are mine fields if you don’t know how to manage them smoothly. Here’s a little tip that will give you total control during ANY transition.
  • How to get the support you need from senior staff – Get this wrong and you will come across weak and your reputation in the school will suffer. This is the right way to enlist support so that your status is actually enhanced.
  • Dealing with problems – Fast-acting, effective strategies for constant talking, lost/forgotten equipment, late arrivals, refusal to work, interruptions, rude comments, low level disruption, using mobile phones and many more.
  • Ending the lesson on a high – (And why this is more important than you probably realise). This one tip is the secret behind having students eager to come to your lessons. Unbelievably this is 100% possible with any group if you take the right steps.
  • The ‘Fresh Start Program’ – A step by step strategy for you to ‘start over’ with that particularly difficult, ‘impossible’ group who won’t do anything you ask.

What You Get:

  • Main Manual: Containing explanations for each strategy and the full Take Control of the Noisy Class Step-by-Step system
  • DVD: Containing video presentations to explain the main modules
  • CD: Containing resources and tools mentioned in the manual and video presentations
  • BONUS Reports: Pack includes EIGHT bonus reports including ‘55 Ways to Get Silence in a Noisy Classroom’



At Behaviour Needs we firmly believe any teacher can significantly improve their ability to manage student behaviour simply by employing certain key strategies both in and out of lessons.

Teachers we have taught this system to in live workshops all over the world have reported dramatic and rapid transformations in the way challenging students respond to them and our Behaviour-Ology program contains everything you need to achieve similar results in your school or college.

Behaviour-Ology is packed with in-the-moment, step-by-step solutions to deal with the many classroom behaviour problems a teacher is likely to face but what makes this program totally different to other resources is that it also outlines a very effective methodology for applying these solutions – the Needs Focused Approach.

What this means is you’ll not only learn how to manage behaviour in the moment, you’ll also learn how to do so without causing resentment in your students. In fact, with this approach, students will actually respect you for managing their behaviour and your relationships with them will be radically improved. This means fewer problems in future and a much less stressful, more enjoyable classroom experience for all concerned.

The resources and tutorials in this package will give you the CONFIDENCE, SKILLS and STRATEGIES to gain RESPECT from hard-to-reach, tough students and succeed in today’s most challenging classrooms. Become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be with the Needs Focused Approach.


  • Needs Focused Classroom Management Video Tutorials (8 modules) & Workbook
  • Needs Focused Classroom Management Manual
  • Special resources: The Fresh Start – The Relationship Challenge -35 Ways to Get Attention -The Three Requests Technique -The Ten Minute Detention
  • Plus much, much more….

What You Get:

  • Video Training: 3 DVD’s with 4+ hours of classroom management tutorials
  • Main Manual: Explaining each module of the Needs Focused Classroom management system in detail.
  • Workbook : Practice & Review exercises to consolidate training
  • Resource CD: Additional reports, tools and printable resources
  • Private online resource area: with additional resources and member privileges

DIY Trainer Pack

bundle1Whether you have years of experience in training or are just starting, the DIY Trainer Pack from Behaviour Needs Ltd will give you the materials and support you need to deliver an outstanding and hugely enjoyable classroom management training session which will get phenomenal results.

The course materials will enable any trainer to run a highly practical, unique and hugely enjoyable course, workshop or seminar which attendees will talk about for years to come. And with the addition of our bonus ‘Train the Trainer’ DVDs (included) we’ll show you exactly how to adapt the materials to suit your own personal experience and a wide variety of training situations. From keynote speeches and short twilight sessions to half day & full day courses, you’ll be able to offer them all.

Who is this training pack suitable for?

The course materials have been used in primary schools (K-6), secondary schools, high schools, colleges, behaviour units, youth centres, residential settings and universities. The strategies are universal and can be easily adapted for use by any educational professional including…

  • Established trainers and consultants who want an extra ready-to-go course to add to their repertoire
  • Senior teachers and CPD Coordinators who wish to run unforgettable INSET in their own school and/or neighbouring schools
  • Local Education Authority trainers/consultants who are looking for additional strategies to offer teachers in partner schools
  • Aspiring trainers or any education professional who wants to enter the training/consultancy market

What You Can Do With The Materials

  • Advertise and run public courses for profit – Hire a room and invite teachers to attend the course
  • Run courses for your own school or college – Use the materials as a complement to your current training materials or as a stand-alone course
  • Run twilight INSET sessions

What You Get:

  • Power Point Course Slides
  • Trainer Handbook
  • Delegate Course Workbook
  • Additional delegate hand-outs
  • Course activities & games
  • Marketing materials
  • Administration Tools
  • Outrageously Enjoyable INSET Activities
  • 3x Train The Trainer DVD’s
  • The Behaviour Tool Kit
  • Private trainer’s online member area

The Behaviour Tool Kittm

Behaviour Toolkit Hi-res pack

Imagine having all the answers you need to deal with the many behaviour problems your students present on a daily basis—just think how much easier your job would be!

The Behaviour Tool Kit™ is not like other behaviour management resources – there’s no long introduction, no educational waffle or jargon… it just gets straight into the good stuff -proven, actionable strategies you can turn to whenever you face a classroom behaviour problem of any kind.

You’ll find the answers to your most frustrating and pressing classroom management problems right here in this handy guide including:

Low-Level Disruption – Students Who Argue/Answer Back – Interruptions and Constant Chatter – Chatty, Noisy Groups – Latecomers and Poor Punctuality – Abusive Language – Girls’ Behaviour – Angry Students – Defiant Students – Silly Behaviour – Disruptive behaviour – Unsupportive Parents – Not Completing Homework – Not Completing (Or Even Starting!) Classwork – Fighting – Bad Manners – No Motivation – plus many more…

– and you can put these PROVEN-TO-WORK strategies to use straight away with fantastic results!


  • 15 ways to deal with students who are BORED or who have NO INTEREST IN THE LESSON
  • 9 ways to deal with students who GIVE UP and WON’T COMPLETE work in class
  • 12 tips and tricks to get students to COMPLETE HOMEWORK
  • A novel (and proven) way to get UNSUPPORTIVE PARENTS ON YOUR SIDE
  • 6 highly effective ways to stop CONSTANT CHATTER – without losing your temper
  • 3 ways to deal with RUDE STUDENTS – and how to stop them ANSWERING BACK
  • A script/approach you can use to deal with SILLY, ATTENTION-SEEKING BEHAVIOUR – It works every time
  • 12 ways to get through to REALLY TOUGH STUDENTS – and be the teacher they RESPECT and LOOK UP TO!

What You Get:

The Behaviour Tool Kit comes complete with…

  • Main Manual: Containing more than 500 behaviour solutions & strategies to help teachers in today’s toughest classrooms
  • Additional Response Cards: Including ‘why’ certain behaviours occur , ‘what’ you can do about them as well as what you must avoid doing at all costs.
  • Bonus Resources on CD: Including a collection of hand-outs, additional tools and print-able resources

Putting Fun In Lessons


One of the best ways to reach kids is through humour, joy and laughter. Everyone responds to fun and students learn better in a positive, light-hearted environment.

Putting Fun In Lessons consists of a UNIQUE, exciting collection of games, strategies and activities to liven up lessons, bring humour into the classroom and transform negative student attitudes to learning.

The games and activities are adaptable to virtually any lesson topic and will enable you to quickly change the tone of your lessons and be the kind of teacher students LOVE.


  • Crazy Classroom games (adaptable for all ages and subject areas)
  • 16 must-have, fun teaching props you can use to instantly brighten up your teaching
  • Novel ways to use puppets and ventriloquists dolls as a fun learning aid
  • How to use puzzles and mind-benders to build classroom community and calm unsettled students
  • Amazing, attention-grabbing magic tricks (easy-to-learn and adapt to lesson content).
  • Novel ways to use props, cartoons, costumes, music and magic to bring order to any classroom
  • Ways to use humour as a classroom management tool
  • Hilarious fill-in activities to refocus students and teach them vital social skills in a light-hearted way
  • Unique Energisers to stimulate thinking, raise flagging energy levels and spark motivation
  • Little-known ways to use drama and role-play (Note: These activities are often extremely appealing to tough, hard-to-reach students)
  • Humour Compendium – loads of ideas for putting laughter in your lessons and raising the mood of your students.

What You Get:

  • Main Manual: Containing explanations for each activity/strategy as well as photocopy-ready resources
  • Resource CD: Including printable resources, editable word documents & other bonus resources
  • Private online resource area: with whiteboard resources plus bonus activities

Remember: when students arrive at your lessons in a positive, expectant mood they are much easier to teach.


Cooperative & Active Learning In Lessons


The benefits of cooperative and active learning are many; from promoting and teaching appropriate social skills , managing conflict, and improving self esteem through to increased motivation levels, eager participation, deeper understanding and higher student achievement. As an approach to teaching and learning it takes some beating and is widely regarded as one of the greatest educational innovations for the modern classroom.

Our activity-packed resource, Cooperative & Active Learning In Lessons, provides teachers with everything they need to bring the power of cooperative learning and kinaesthetic activity to every lesson.


  • How to get students working together cooperatively & collaboratively (Hint: this is one of the EASIEST ways to reduce behaviour problems and improve participation – even bored, switched off students get a huge kick from working like this).
  • How to put more ACTIVITY in your lessons – you’ve no-doubt heard that a large proportion of ‘troublesome’ students tend to be kinaesthetic learners. If you try and teach these students using didactic, lecture-style methods they will HATE it! One way to make subjects accessible and appealing to these students is to include ’hands-on’ learning tasks – to get them on their feet and ‘doing’ stuff.
  • How to make subject content STICK – It’s obvious, when students are truly engaged in the learning process there is much more chance that the information you give them will actually be remembered.
  • How to help students develop thinking skills such as analysis, problem solving, and evaluation though fun, practical methods which help them see the relevance and benefit in learning
  • A unique collection of highly engaging activities frameworks, templates and tools to give you countless ways to INVOLVE all your students in fun, interactive ways they will LOVE.
  • Novel grouping methods and effective tips for managing group work sessions for maximum success and what to do when students won’t do their share of the work.

What You Get:

  • Main Manual: Containing explanations for each activity/strategy as well as photocopy-ready resources
  • Resource CD/online resource area: Including printable resources, editable word documents & other bonus resources
  • Private online resource area: with whiteboard resources plus bonus activities

A complete teacher resource kit for creating
collaborative, interactive, ‘hands-on’ lessons which your students will LOVE’


Attention-Grabbing Starter Activities & Plenaries BUMPER PACK


This resource is a BUMPER collection of our best-ever, fabulously engaging starter and plenary activities. It contains lots of creative, fun ideas to grab your students’ attention from the second the bell goes together with amusing end-of-lesson review activities to help them easily remember lesson content in the most student-friendly ways. In short ,this pack will give you everything you need to start your lessons with a BANG and end them on a HIGH! This pack will truly give you the “why” and the “how” of using fun activities to create the right mood in the classroom and engage your students in the learning process!


  • Sure-fire attention-grabbing starter activities to get even the most challenging group involved from the start . Remember—if you don’t get their attention in the first 5 minutes, teaching the rest of the lesson will be incredibly difficult!
  • Fun, active plenary activities to consolidate and review taught information in a way your students will LOVE.
  • Novel questioning techniques to get your students actively engaged and WANTING to learn straight away. With the right type of questions even the most reluctant learners can be encouraged to take part in the learning process.
  • Ready-to-go activities. All the activities are presented in a ready-to-go format meaning you can just flip through, pick the ones you like and… Hey Presto! You’ve got a brilliant, highly-engaging way to start or end your lesson.
  • Games and activities can be used as mid-lesson teach-back activities or whole-lesson themes , adaptable to any subject content!
  • Ideas to make students WANT to come to your lessons. By ending the lesson on a high with the active, fun review activities and plenaries contained in this collection your students will leave in a more positive frame of mind and WANT to come back for more.

“ Attention-Grabbing Starters & Plenaries is a must-have resource for any aspiring teacher, trainer or coach”

What You Get:

  • Main Manual: Containing explanations for each activity/strategy as well as photocopy-ready resources
  • Resource CD/online resource area: Including printable resources, editable word documents & other bonus resources.
  • Private online resource area: with whiteboard resources plus bonus activities

‘Our BEST collection of attention-grabbing, starter and plenary activities to make lessons start with a BANG and end on a HIGH’


Relationship Builders


We believe the ability to form positive relationships with students to be the single most important skill a teacher can posses and the Relationship Builders resource kit will enable any teacher to build their to build positive bonds with the hardest-to-reach students in the fastest possible time.

When you apply these strategies you will find students responding more positively to you. They will start listening to you and following your instructions. You will start to become the teacher they seek out at break time for a chat. Other teachers in the staffroom will start asking how you manage to get the toughest students on side.

Student participation and motivation will increase and you’ll see an improvement in their work rate. You will have fewer classroom problems and you’ll find it easier to manage any problems which do occur. If you don’t see these benefits within 1 week of applying these strategies I WANT you to ask for a refund.When you apply these strategies you will find students responding more positively to you. They will start listening to you and following your instructions. You will start to become the teacher they seek out at break time for a chat. Other teachers in the staffroom will start asking how you manage to get the toughest students on side.

Student participation and motivation will increase and you’ll see an improvement in their work rate. You will have fewer classroom problems and you’ll find it easier to manage any problems which do occur.


  • The TWO essential features of any positive, trusting relationship. Once you grasp these two crucial factors relationship-building becomes a logical, enjoyable process with even the hardest-to-reach students.
  • 20+ novel activities and ideas to discover your students’ interests, hobbies, likes and passions
  • 20+ cool ways to show your students you CARE about them
  • How to learn a class of students’ names in just 45 minutes
  • 25+ creative ideas to build positive peer relationships within any group and create a supportive classroom community
  • Plus much, much more…

What You Get:

  • Main Manual: Containing explanations for each activity/strategy as well as photocopy-ready resources
  • Resource CD/online resource area: Including printable resources, editable word documents & other bonus resources.
  • Private online resource area: with whiteboard resources plus bonus activities

Motivate The Unmotivated

motivate the unmotivatedHave you noticed that the traditional methods for motivating students rarely seem to work?

Stickers, merit marks, reward charts, praise assemblies, certificates etc. are used in almost every school all over the world and yet most of us STILL struggle to get students involved in lessons. And punishments are equally ineffective – you give detention after detention but students STILL don’t work any harder.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying carrots and sticks never work; just that they rarely work – and certainly not for long periods. Students HATE being controlled and rewards and punishments are both just sides of the same coin – they are both attempts to coerce or force them in to doing something or behaving in a certain way.

Real motivation doesn’t work like that; you can’t FORCE people to be motivated. You can’t MAKE them want to work.

If you want to get more of your students engaged and taking part in lessons it’s time to forget trying to control them and instead create a situation where your they are naturally motivated, from within.


  • How to INVITE and STIMULATE students’ interest and get them to BUY IN to a lesson topic form the start of the lesson. Hint: this is much better than trying to FORCE them to learn and it works every time!
  • Interactive discussion formats – even switched-off students can’t resist getting involved in these!
  • Hundreds of ideas for adapting lesson content for KINESTHETIC learners and making lessons ACTIVE
  • Little-known ‘STUDENT INVOLVERS’ to ensure active participation during Q and A and discussions
  • Member-created resource area – HUNDREDS of ready-made, time-served engaging activities from the ‘chalk face’, guaranteed to work wonders in today’s TOUGHEST classrooms

Perfect for… Students who REFUSE to work, never get their work finished, disrupt other class members, show NO INTEREST in learning and a host of other classroom motivation problems.

What You Get:

  • Strategy-packed tutorial – Filled with incredibly effective techniques for stimulating your students’ natural, internal motivation.
  • Take-Action Assignments & Real-life Case Study Scenarios
  • Motivation Tracking Sheet
  • Resource CD: Desktop reminders and checklists – handy reminders of the key strategies in editable format
  • Bonus Report: Motivation Made Simple

The Student Engagement Expert Series

ExpertStudentLearn The Student Engagement Secrets Of FIVE Top Education Experts…

(And have ALL your students taking part in your lessons)

In the Student Engagement Experts Series FIVE Internationally Renowned Education Authors & Trainers share PROVEN strategies to engage your class from start to finish


  • More than 300 sure-fire ways to get students INTERESTED and MOTIVATED
  • Ready-made scripts and strategies to get students to see the purpose behind classwork so that they actually WANT to take part – without being forced, bribed or coerced
  • 50+ activities you can use to get to know your students better. When your students LIKE you and TRUST you they will WORK and BEHAVE better for you. Seriously.
  • 30+ ready-made teaching activities you can use to get students working cooperatively TOGETHER as a supportive TEAM. Creating supportive communities is one of the most powerful ways to reduce problems in your classroom and increase participation.
  • How to use rhythms, chants, and hand/body movement to aid students in their understanding of difficult academic concepts
  • Easy steps you can take to transform a stale curriculum topic and instantly engage reluctant learners
  • Over 100 easy-to-copy practical examples of ‘GRIPPING’ learning activities that EVERY student will LOVE
  • Plus much, much more
  • 3 DVD’s & 2 CDs of high quality training each around 2hr long
  • 1 Resource CD containing additional reports, resources and printable resources
  • Transcripts of the webinars
  • Certificate of Attendance for each of the webinars

Team Makertm

team480x480 In the Needs Focused™ approach we explain the huge benefits to be had by splitting your class into Cooperative Learning Teams and how DIVERSE GROUPS are the very best group formation you can use because they encourage and facilitate peer tutoring. They also eliminate problems associated with troublesome students sitting together.

However, creating diverse groups can be tedious and time-consuming because you have to ‘juggle’ variables such as sex of the students, ability levels and personality matches. Little wonder that most teachers opt for random grouping methods to save time, only to find that students in random groups often either mess around or cause trouble


Every One Wins Bingo

bingo We all know there is more to a successful lesson than just ‘having fun’ but now and again we call all benefit from a good dose of laughter and a big release of serotonin. Even a brief injection of good humour can immediately change the mood of a group and enhance any learning session. Those moments are priceless.

In your next lesson, lecture or presentation how would you like to be able to…

  • Jump-Start the class and set an active and humorous tone for the rest of the lesson?
  • Re-focus a lethargic or challenging group, immediately raise energy levels and have everyone switched on and in the right mood to listen?
  • Make a sensational, hilarious close to the lesson they will likely never forget?

Every One Wins Bingo is an essential resource for your resource box.



Including Learners With ADHD


In this extremely practical resource, renowned consultant and author, Fintan O’Regan, provides countless strategies for enhancing classroom performance for students with ADHD. The audio recordings and reports are packed full of useful tips, advice, proven suggestions and support for teachers, teaching assistants and parents such as:

  • Tips on developing alternative learning strategies
  • Classroom organisation and playtime supervision
  • Keeping students on–task and productive
  • Engaging students’ attention and active participation
  • Preventing and managing behavioural problems in the classroom and home environment
  • Differentiating instruction and addressing students′ diverse learning styles
  • Building a partnership with parents
  • Tactics to stop bullying
  • Strategies to help students develop their own study skills
  • In-the-moment solutions for managing distractibility
  • In-the-moment solutions for dealing with fidgeting
  • In-the-moment solutions for improving concentration
  • Communication between school and parents
  • Plus much more…

If you are to get the best from your students, and enjoy your teaching career you need to be ready and prepared with proven, reliable strategies to PREVENT problems from happening and RESPOND PROACTIVELY to those students who need additional support.

The resources, tools and ideas in the ADHD Resource Pack will help you create a calm, smooth running classroom environment & give you the confidence to successfully manage, and effectively support, students with hyperactivity and ADHD in YOUR classroom.

What’s You Get:

  • Main E-Manual: ‘Supporting and Managing learners with ADHD’
  • MP3 Recording of live webinar
  • 5 Bonus E-Reports: ADHD Background Information, ADHD and Girls, Top Ten Strategies for Issuing Homework to students with ADHD, Top Ten Strategies to Manage Inattention, Top Ten Strategies to Encourage Good Behavior from Students with ADHD
  • Bonus MP3, Workbook & Transcript:
    Including learners with ADHD audio interview

Get The Parents On Board

largeparentsonboardGet the Parents on Board’ is a special resource kit designed to help you start conversations and establish strong, positive relationships with the parents of ALL your students – even those who are least supportive and negative.

In this toolkit you will find a range of tools designed to help you engage with parents in a way that will have a positive impact on your students, your class and your teaching.

It will help you to tackle the most urgent issues regarding parental involvement in your school.

Pack Includes:

1. A step by step method for getting parents on your side:

  • The real reasons why some parents are hard to reach and how to overcome them.
  • How to break the negative cycle by giving parents specific reasons to come to school and support their children.
  • How to make first contact with hard to reach parents.
  • 2 ways to make it easy for parents to be more supportive.
  • Keep in regular contact.

2. Practical ways to deal with problem parents

  • How to deal with parents who see their children as ‘Little Angels’ and won’t acknowledge their failings or wrong-doings
  • The right way to run parent/teacher meetings
  • Tips to deal with very negative parents
  • How to avoid and manage confrontations with aggressive parents
  • Ways to encourage students to talk about school at home and help parents support their children
  • How you can easily integrate parental involvement into your daily practice so that it becomes a core part of your teaching
  • How to help other staff to understand the benefits of involving parents

3. Examples of these strategies being used in the real world


Job Hunters Bible

jhbbookIf you’re looking for a teaching job and have realised that the market is becoming more and more intense, you’ll want to read every word on this page because this just might be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Get your copy now – The step-by-step, teacher-specific program that gives you the exact system (and unconventional job-search techniques) for landing your dream teaching job

How would you like to learn…

  • The one sentence to add to your Cover Letter that NEVER FAILS to land you an interview. This isn’t common practice but it definitely works!
  • How to match your unique talents to the needs of the school and make them feel you’re perfect for the job!
  • Two little known, unconventional job search techniques that will help you source teaching jobs way ahead of the competition – sometimes before the job is even advertised!
  • Sample Interview Questions (and model answers) so you can enter the interview prepared, cool and confident
  • The two questions to ask the panel at interview that will set you apart from the rest of the candidates
  • How to stand out from the crowd and always be the candidate they remember
  • How to teach a demonstration lesson or session that will really impress the panel! Get this right and they’ll want to hire you on the spot.
  • The one thing to do to ensure a higher starting salary. Surprisingly, most candidates don’t do this and instead accept the salary that is offered.
  • The one thing to take with you in the interview that will swing everything in your favour. Without this you’re an ‘also-ran’. With it you’re a star candidate!
  • The ‘avoid at all costs’ mistakes low-caliber candidates will make at interview. You won’t.

Plus much, much more.