Video 3: A novel strategy for getting students’ attention and maintaining their focus throughout the lesson
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In this video you’ll learn a novel classroom management strategy which ENHANCES the techniques we covered in the first two videos and can be used to great effect to capture students attention from the very start of the lesson.  It is also very useful for maintaining their interest and keeping them on task throughout the WHOLE lesson.

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“It feels like you’ve been standing outside my classroom”

It feels like you’ve been standing outside my classroom…Great strategies offered here! I will begin using them immediately! What is the best approach for getting admin and security on board with these ideas? Our school’s policy is to “get in a classroom!” We need to change that to “Please line up outside your classroom.” It does indeed take a village… Thanks again for the strategies.


“Thank you for helping me to be in more control.”

Rob, thank you very much for sharing your experience and reminding of these simple but effective things to do. Students’ behaviour (or actually my inability to control it) is so frustrating that at times it feels that nothing can help. Thank you for helping me to be in more control.

Natasha Grydasova

“Many thanks for all these really helpful life-savers!”

Very many thanks. I have given myself trouble by letting kids into the room in a restless state with inevitable waste of teaching time. Your advice on calming them down in a positive, non-confrontational way and building rapport is very timely. Many thanks for all these really helpful life-savers!

Philip Rozario

“Nice to see a “human” approach to working with children”

Nice to see a “human” approach to working with children. Creating a sense of belonging is vital and part of understanding learning needs. This is a great example of how to develop that sense of belonging with children. The point about being comfortable chatting to children both in school and at the checkout etc is so important, in fact it is vital, in this respect.


“Thanks a bunch for your genuine approach! So helpful!!”

This hallway strategy is a must for every class coming into the room throughout the day! Young students must be aware of their purpose for learning before walking in! Your examples of non-confrontational conversations made it real and easily applicable. Having a friendly approached to those few who have not settle as quick as the rest shows all the level of respect that is expected and demonstrated. Thanks a bunch for your genuine approach! So helpful!!

norma g

“I’ve been struggling with this year’s class since October.”

I’ve been struggling with this year’s class since October. Thanks for the reminder that I need to go back to that personal greeting at the door. I realized that I have been ignoring it because I felt I needed those few extra moments to finish something before the students came into the room. Starting tomorrow I’m returning to what worked in the past.


Best wishes,



Rob Plevin

Behaviour Needs

P.S. The strategies in Take Control of the Noisy Class have enabled me to work successfully with some of the most damaged, vulnerable and challenging students in the UK. They made my teaching life much easier and much more enjoyable and they can help you do the same. BUY NOW to transform your teaching in just 7 days from now.



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