Needs Focused

Is a very simple, systematic and structured approach to preventing, minimizing and dealing with behaviour problems.It is logical, sensible and fair, focusing on consistently meeting the needs of both staff and students. This results in a calm classroom environment, swift de-escalation of behaviour incidents and long term mutual gains.

The emphasis is on preventing problems rather than reacting to them and fundamental to this is a positive staff/student relationship. All interactions between staff and students are conducted with the idea of building, maintaining and repairing positive relationships firmly in mind.

There is no reliance on tangible rewards with this approach – the focus is on internal motivation with the belief that children and young people should learn to experience doing the right thing simply for the satisfaction they derive, rather than because of what they will be given in return.
Needs-FocusedTM behaviour management is NOT about controlling young people or making them behave. Instead, students are encouraged and taught to think for themselves, make appropriate choices and discover, the intrinsic benefits to be found in responsible, considerate behaviour.

The originator of the Needs-FocusedTM approach is Rob Plevin, an ex-teacher/deputy head with 15 years experience working with difficult and vulnerable young people.

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