How To Get The Confidence & Skills You Need To Manage Student Behaviour Effectively… Without Confrontation… Without Arguments… And Without Fuss…
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“Great easy-to-listen-to video tips that will be terrific for those teachers who are frustrated. I’m forwarding this email on to the principals in my district right away!”
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Do you struggle to get students to listen in lessons? Do you find students dragging their heels to lessons only to battle with you from bell to bell? Are abusive, disrespectful students causing problems in your school or college?

I firmly believe any teacher can significantly improve their ability to manage student behaviour by emplying certain key strategies both in and out of lessons. Teachers I have taught this system to in live workshops all over the world have reported dramatic and rapid transformations in the way challenging students respond to them and I’m 100% confident I can help you achieve similar results.

“Excellent ideas; it’s always amazing to me how you deliver such awesome, effective ideas in such a short time. The greatness of it is that in a quick snippet of time, I can gain a new technique or procedure that helps bring order to my classroom!”
Tish Wodetzki

Here’s What You’ll Learn…
  • Getting Students To Follow Instructions Every Time – How to phrase instructions so that students do as you ask – without complaint and without argument. This isn’t magic but it might as well be. Get the phrasing right and it works every time.
  • Making Praise REALLY Count – Few teachers use praise to its full potential. If you get this right it can be one of the most powerful and effective strategies for changing behaviour IN AN INSTANT – no matter how tough the student. I’ll show you five ways to make praise much, MUCH more effective.
  • The Easy Way to Make Lessons FAR More Appealing & Engaging – We all know how important it is to keep students engaged – if they are involved in the lesson activity they are much less likely to misbehave – but it is difficult for teachers to make ALL their lessons interesting. I’ll explain NINE factors any teacher can EASILY include in lessons which will ensure students take part in your lessons – and ENJOY doing so… no matter what the subject.
  • How To TEACH Students To Behave Well – I can guarantee that once you start to apply the methods in module 4, your need to manage classroom behaviour will decrease dramatically. Why? Because your classroom will be AUTOMATED – your students will look after their own behaviour and they will ENJOY doing so.
  • Taking Control Outside The Classroom and Around School – What you can do outside the classroom to ensure students are in a state to actually LISTEN to instructions when they go in the room. Without doing this, chances of getting a challenging class to settle are slim.
  • The Only Classroom Management Strategy A Teacher Really Needs – Everyone has heard of this. We’re taught it at teacher training college and every book on teaching cites this as being ESSENTIAL for successful teaching. Yes I’m talking about positive Teacher/Student relatinships. But knowing about this is one thing. Applying it is another. We all know that positive relationships make managing behaviour much easier but just HOW do you go about building bonds with a student who wants nothing to do with you? NOBODY teaches this like me. I’ll show you how to develop fantastic relationships with ALL yourr students – even the incredibly  hard-to-reach – by simply focusing on TWO key areas.
  • How To Use Consequences to Put an IMMEDIATE STOP to Inappropriate Behaviour – I teach consequences LAST in my live workshops because I believe there are so many other strategies a teacher can use to encourage a student to change his behaviour instead of simply reaching for a punishment. But that’s not because I don’t believe in consequences – far from it – they are VERY effective and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY – but success in using them depends almost entirely on the way in which they are applied. I’ll show you how to apply a wide range of consequences to put a stop to power struggles, arguments,  silliness and disruption in an instant – without causing the situation to escalate.
  • The Best Responses for All the Behaviour Problems You’re Likely To Face – I have worked successfully with challenging young people for almost twenty yeats in a variety of settings (and I was one myself) so I know what works. As a member of Behaviour-Ology you get access to ALL the novel, little-known strategies and ideas that have helped me turn round some of the toughest students in UK schools.
  • Plus Much, Much More…

“Finally something concrete and applicable in real life – I’ve had enough of the people who have never set their foot in a real classroom but know how everything should be done in theory. Thanks a million. As a fresh teacher, I find this invaluable.”

The strategies I teach are extremely effective. These are the same strategies which enabled me to get total respect from extremely damaged young people who were deemed ‘un-teachable’. These same strategies enabled me to be able to walk into any classroom in school and immediately have students settled and listening and these same strategies enabled me to actually enjoy my time in the classroom without having to spend my time in a state of constant stress.

I should also tell you that other professionals see the benefit in the methods I teach. Ofsted  (The UK’s Office for Standards in Education) classed my teaching as ‘exemplary’ when they last inspected a school I was working in and an Education Authority Advisor referred to me as an ‘extremely gifted and talented teacher’.

But those comments mean little now, I stopped teaching full time years ago. The real proof of the effectiveness of these strategies comes from the many universities and schools around the world which have employed me to run training courses and the thousands of teachers who buy my resources…

“Keep doing what you are doing. This is great for those of us who do not get this type of professional development.”
Robert E, California
“We were delighted to be able to get Rob Plevin in to work with our Teach First participants. He has an excellent reputation within the sector and he certainly didn’t disappoint!

From the start his dynamic approach captivated the group and they were enthralled throughout. It wasn’t only the lively engaging style that won over the participants though. Rob was dealing with crucial issues relating to behaviour management that were high on their list of concerns about entering teaching in some of the most challenging schools in the country

He covered these issues thoroughly without pulling any punches and still worked wonders in increasing the participants’ confidence. We will be inviting Rob back on every possible occasion to work with all of our participants and trainees. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Terry Hudson, Sheffield Hallam University
“Rob has delivered his Needs Focused Behaviour Management course on our Secondary PGCE at the University of Hull for three years now and each year my trainees have no only found him to be inspirational, but they have learnt much about managing the learning environment and young people effectively.  Rob’s course is based on the both the value of building relationships, but trainees can  emulate Rob since he models to the highest degree how to behave as a teacher.  The course is fun, well constructed and as the title suggests, very focused on positive strategies.”
Dr Anne Bore, University of Hull
“I have been receiving your online course on behaviour management and the application of your tips has been wonderful! I am already a good disciplinarian and receive excellent scores from my principal, but your tips have added even more. The first time I explained to my students that I would count backwards from ten when I was ready for them to come back from their group work, it worked like magic. I never saw 15 years move so fast to come back to order. No repeating myself, no prodding. It seems like you know the practical answers to classroom needs.”
Erin Rhone
“Thank you so much for just the motivation to keep going and to do well – your advice has been inspirational and reminded me who I am! The resources you are providing are outstanding and just what is needed to help teachers like myself who have felt low due to lack of available training during tight budget times in schools! I am proud to recommend this to my colleagues and friends.”
Helen Waddington – happy customer

You can read more comments and watch videos from satisfied customers HERE

What Do You Get?
  1. VIDEO TUTORIALS AND RESOURCES – Each module consists of short, snappy video tutorials which you can watch and re-watch as often as you want plus backup resources for each video to give you all the additional information you need to gain mastery in a surprisingly short space of time.
  2. THE BEHAVIOUR TOOLBOX – This is a huge, (and growing) library of ready-to-use, in-the-moment responses and solutions for the many classroom behaviour problems you face. If you have students who won’t stop talking there are solutions for that. If you have students who are abusive there are solutions for that too – and a host of other problems from not turning up for lessons to not completing homework – and everything in between. We add more solutions to the toolbox every month.
  3. SPECIAL REPORTS – Our special reports are packed with juicy, practical content on a key behaviour issue such as Connecting With Hard to Reach Parents’ or ‘Dealing With Mobile ‘Phones in the Classroom
  4. SPECIAL RESOURCES –  The Fresh Start The Relationship Challenge 35 Ways to Get Attention The Three Requests technique The Ten Minute Detention

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Obviously we wouldn’t expect you to have to pay for something that doesn’t deliver what it promises so we also offer a 100% guarantee. If, within one month of using the resources and information contained in Behaviour-Ology,  you are not seeing FEWER exclusions, FEWER students being sent out of lessons, a REDUCTION in serious incidents and an overall INCREASE in your confidence…we’ll refund your fee in full… AND you can keep the materials!

How many other training companies offer a money-back GUARANTEE like that?

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Access to Behaviour-Ology is charged at just $160.00 This is a ONE OFF fee and included all the resources listed above including the complete Needs Focused Classroom Management course which is delivered in schools at $2500.00 per day.  You will have IMMEDIATE access to all the resources and strategies as well as continual updates and additions.

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