Novel ways to get silence from noisy students


Wey Hey! Here’s a bumper (and ever-growing) collection of strategies to keep noise levels down in your classroom. Read them, try them out and let us know how you get on. You can also help us grow this collection for teachers around the world by leaving your best classroom management strategy for getting noisy groups of students to stop talking when you need their attention in the comment box below. Try to keep your idea as succinct as possible and be sure to keep coming back here to see the new ideas. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE COMMENTS

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  • Jonathan

    Sorry forgot one…Also picked this up at a conference. If I’m having trouble I tell my students to point to where the noise/talking is. I keep repeating it in a conversational tone until the people talking or making noise realize that the whole class is pointing at them. An unexpected byproduct of this has been that by the time all my students have stopped being disruptive I’m the only one talking (“point to where the noise is coming from”) and everyone is pointing at me which means I now have their attention!