Small Group and 1:1 On-Site Teacher Coaching

Through our Teacher Coaching we work with individuals and small groups to achieve shared aims. Benefits include higher retention of teachers/lower turnover of staff and improved levels of achievement for students together with extremely effective, often rapid, professional development for staff involved.

Coaching can help teachers improve:

  • Building appropriate relationships with students
  • Achieving individual student and class control
  • Planning and delivering engaging lessons at appropriate levels
  • Using effective pedagogical approaches including cooperative learning strategies
  • Meeting individual and group needs in a class

The method or process of how teacher coaching can take place needs to be organised on a school by school basis but one format that is commonly used includes the following:

  1. Up to 4 Members of staff can be seen per school day
  2. Staff are observed in teaching situation
  3. Verbal feedback is given to each member of staff visited that day with written feedback to follow
  4. Feedback verbal or written to SMT if requested
  5. Each member of staff given action points and areas/skuills to develop
  6. Follow up sessions can include further observation and/or email/telephone support
  7. Each member of staff seen twice over a 4-6 week period

Coaching does not seek to judge or measure the teacher’s performance but is an opportunity for the teacher to discuss and reflect on a number of situations that have taken place in the classroom on any given day.

To set up 1:1 coaching and transform performance in your school or college please call us on 0845 271 2818

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